The app freezes, crashes or closes.

We fixed this problem and a new version of Smash Your Food was just released that should address crash problems.  If you downloaded the app before November 27, 2012, please update the Smash your Food app through the App Store.

Happy Smashing!

3/4 of my foods wont load! Its always says that the video for the food is still downloading

Over time all videos download.  How much time depends on how fast your WIFI Internet connection is.  The faster your WIFI connection is, the faster the videos will download. Downloading the video without WIFI will likely be very slow.  

Why are many videos not included in the game app?  Smash Your Food's main attraction is actual videos of real food that we smashed in the Smashinator.   Video unfortunately takes space. If we included all the videos in the game when players download our app, it would take a long time to download.  To allow player to play the game quickly, we compromised and included some videos and then as you play the game, videos are downloaded automatically in the

The good news is that as we make update of the game to improve it, there will not be any need to re-download the videos.  We are also adding new food fridges all the time that are available in the app minutes after we push the content on-line.

I had reinstall this app on a new device but all the saved games are now gone. Is there a way to get them back. Thanks

Not at this time.  We are working on a simple registration procress to enable playing the app across muliple devices and saving player information across the series of nutrition games we are building.

Stay tuned...

Privacy policy and COPPA compliance

Smash Your Food® and Food N' Me® are 100% Children's Online Privacy Protection Act compliant.  We are as concerned about the privacy of your children as we are our own.  We will not distribute your personal information without your permission. Privacy Policy

Is Smash Your Food available on iPhone, iPod touch and Android?

Smash Your Food is now available on the iPhone and iPod Touch in the Apple Apps Store.   Based on cutomer feedback, the new version has more foods, healthy foods and seasonal foods, like Thanksgiving.   Smash Your Food is coming soon to Android and Windows 8 devices. 

I want more food to smash

The iPhone version of Smash Your Food features food 'fridges'.  We are adding new fridges all the time.  Fore xample we just added a Thanksgiving fridge.  Christmas is coming soon.  

Please like us on Facebook (SmashYourFood) to get updates when we make a new fridge available.

How do I receive the nutrition tips and advice?

Enter the email where you want to receive personalized tips based on player’s progress. 

Why do you ask for my child’s age, gender and level of physical activity?

We calculate your child’s max per meal based on their age, gender and level of physical activity.  

Why didn’t I receive stars?

You may have already earned them – check for yellow stars on the pipes.  Or you may not have earned any.  

How did you calculate the nutritional content of each food and what measurements do you use? 

We used the USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference, Release 24.  Sugar is a cube (4 g), salt is 1/8th teaspoon (288mg), and oil is a teaspoon (4 g).

Did you really smash all the foods yourself?  

Yes we did! We smashed over 500 pounds of food! What a mess it was, food sprayed everywhere!