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Elementary School - Exercise & Nutrition - Smash Your Food HD AppoLearning Loves Smash Your Food

May 22, 2014

Why we love this app

Smash Your Food is extremely informative and interactive. It teaches children real-life skills like how to read a nutrition labels. They will have to figure out how many sugar cubes, and teaspoons of oil and salt are in foods like French fries and corn dogs. A detailed introduction is given to first-time users, and helpful hints are provided as children continue through each round.

What it teaches and how it works

Students are asked to first identify their age and level of exercise so they can be given target levels of sugar, salt, and oil consumption. Using the nutritional labels on common fast foods, they’re asked to estimate the number of sugar cubes, and teaspoons of oil and salt in each item. After submitting their answers, children will be able to tell if this food is healthy for an average kid. Finally, they’ll be able to smash the food and watch a jelly doughnut or can of soda rip apart.

Why your kid won't be able to put it down

The smashing of different food items will definitely be the highlight for children when using this app. Smash Your Food awards stars for estimating how many sugar cubes, and teaspoons of oil and salt are in each food and requires that you earn a certain number of stars to move on to the next level. The combination of competitiveness and food destruction will grab your students attention and keep them playing.