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Kids can play the "Smash Your Food" app for free!

April 26, 2013

APRIL 26, 2013


Do your children know how much sugar, salt and oil there is in the foods they consume? Do you?

Watch your kids laugh as they smash a real burger, crush a real milkshake, explode a real soda and pound a real pizza. Then watch their surprise as they see the amounts of sugar, salt and oil that are in these foods.

Smash Your Food motivates children to make healthier food choices. When they provide their email address, parents receive helpful nutrition tips and advice about what their children are learning while playing the game.

Designed for children aged 6 to 12 - Enjoyed by children and adults alike.

This is an app that's been fun for my kindergartener, elementary school child, tween and teen. Kids estimate how much salt, sugar and oil are in a serving of food, then press a button to smash it. This part is delightfully disgusting to watch, with sound effects and all. The smasher then figures out the true amounts of sugars, fats and salt and kids can see how close they were. My kids enjoy competing against each other to see who is better at guessing nutritional information, which is never a bad thing!

This app is from Food N' Me, and can also be played online here for free. A slightly different version is also available for the iPad, but costs $2.99..


  • You can choose from multiple food fridges
  • Nutrition tips after every food smash
  • Challenges are presented to children, like "I'll drink white milk instead of chocolate milk this week! " and parents are notified via email of their commitment
  • High definition video - Yes, we really did do this to real food!
  • Vivid sound effects – you can actually hear every squish, glop, fizz, plop and pop!
  • CRAZY FOOD! Unlock stacks of Crazy Food for even messier splats – there is one crazy food per fridge as well as an entire crazy food fridge
  • A compelling, fun way for children to get important health information while having a blast, and —there’s no mess to clean up!
  • Personalized nutrition tips and advice are emailed to parents as their children play and learn

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