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App we love: Smash Your Food

March 10, 2013

March 10, 2013 6:00 am  •  By Debra Bass

Instead of nagging kids, teenagers and perhaps the young at heart about healthy eating, an app strives to make learning about nutrition more palatable.

The bad news: You’ll learn how much fat, sugar and salt is in your favorite lunch of hamburger, fries and a soda.

The good news: You’ll get to watch a wacky machine smash said food items for your entertainment.

You get points for correct and close guesses, but you get to watch delightfully gross food ooze every time. Food smashing is not simulated. Kids get to watch the mess created by a real burger, crush a real milkshake, explode a real soda can and pound a real pizza, among other delectables.

Developers of this app talked to thousands of elementary-school children who said their parents usually nagged them about nutrition, but they still didn’t really understand why certain foods were bad. Created for children 6 to 12, the app can be an eye-opener to all ages. Aside from the sound effects, nutritional advice and recipes are offered, and players can earn points to unlock even messier splats.

Available free for iPad and iPhone with restrictions. More options available for in-app purchase.

— Debra D. Bass

St. Louis Post-Dispatch