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Smash Your Food motivates children to make healthier food choices.

November 12, 2012

"Smash Your Food" for iOS (App Store link) is a new educational app that encourages both children and adults to make healthier eating choices. The app is designed to allow people to make healthier food choices while giving actual facts about specific types of food and providing an entertaining way to learn about the food.

The app begins by asking the player for their name, a "face" to play with, gender, age and activity rate. Immediately after completing those steps, users are presented with their recommended amounts of sugar, salt, and oil per meal. Then, the "game" begins. Users are presented with a series of fridges that they choose, and then pick a specific item from the fridge. Some challenges will ask players to guess the amount of sugar, salt, and oil in the specific food, and give detailed information on it as well. Then, to make things more interesting, the user must then "smash" the food to reveal the actual contents of salt, sugar, and oil.

We were really entertained by the app's features and ability to make learning about healthier food choices more fun. We definitely like the idea of having different "fridges," which gives everything a more realistic feeling to the app. The tips at the end of challenges further encourage healthy eating too. There are more fridges that users can buy to keep playing. Parents have the ability to receive emails based on their child's performance in the app as well.

Exciting new version of the popular iPad game: iPhone/iPod Touch version is even messier! Earn achievements, accept healthy challenges, all while playing with your food, and learning about healthy food choices!

Imagine your child saying: "I'll eat breakfast every day this week!" and as a parent getting an email of their commitment.

Smash Your Food motivates children to make healthier food choices.