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Mongo and the squishy donut

July 20, 2012

Squish…  Mongo accidentally stepped on a donut!  The jelly filling oozed out and Mongo’s feet got really sticky.  Mongo started walking home slowly because his feet kept sticking to the ground.  As he was walking, he noticed a trail of ants following him!  At first he thought they were his friends, but then realized that the ants were crawling all over his feet and eating the sugary jelly.

He started feeling some bites, “Ouch!” Mongo exclaimed!  He started running back home after that so that the ants don’t crawl up his pants!

When he got home, he quickly washed his feet and found an app for his iPad called “Smash Your Food”.  In it, he was able to smash donuts, soda, fries, and all sorts of treats.  So he pulled the lever on the smashing machine and it smashed the donut.  Jelly filling oozed out, just like when he stepped on the donut!  However, this time, he found out there were a total of 5 sugar cubes worth of sugar in 1 donut!  No wonder Mongo gets sick whenever he eats donuts!  That is too much sugar for an average orange monster like Mongo!

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