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App-y Day: Smash Your Food Nutrition lessons get delightfully messy! By Daily Candy

June 4, 2012

Your idea of a happy meal is broccoli and carrots finished with a huge helping of “Gee, thanks for cooking, Mom.”

We have just the recipe: Smash Your Food, an engaging iPad and iPhone app. It serves up valuable lessons about nutrition through quizzes and funny gross-out videos. Even the first lady has taken notice; it won Michelle Obama’s Healthy Apps for Kids national contest.

Kids are prompted to guess the amount of sugar, salt, and oil in certain foods (this takes a little more explaining for younger players). Silly noises, animation, and video kick in, and a metal compressor smashes food into a messy pulp on screen. Donuts ooze jelly, fries drip grease, and noodles shoot in every direction. It’s all so unappetizing it sends the message that junk food is icky.

But the joy of learning? Consider it supersized.

Free mini version available at; expanded version available for $3 at

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