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NY1's App Wrap: Smash Your Food review video

March 28, 2012

03/28/2012 11:41 AM

App Wrap: "Hunger Games: Girl On Fire," "Smash Your Food"

By: Adam Balkin


Smash Your Food

For dealing with the actual games we play every day with our hunger, there's Smash Your Food. A winner of first lady Michelle Obama's "Apps for Healthy Kids Campaign" it's designed to teach children how bad so much of the junk food they consume really is for them in a fun and interesting way. You get shown an item i.e. a can of soda, a donut, a burger. You then have to try to figure out how much sugar, salt, and oil are in what you're looking at. Then once you've made your guess, pull down the slot machine-like handle and the food in front of you gets smooshed and then drains into the appropriate category to show you how much bad stuff is inside. Smash Your Food is an iPad app. There's a free version with just five foods or a full version with 40 foods and even entire meals for $2.99.


Hunger Games: Girl on Fire

It's been pretty much consuming the world of entertainment for the past several weeks, so if you've read the "Hunger Games" books and already seen the movie, time then for the mobile game. Hunger Games: Girl on Fire gives you a bit of a storyline to help get you in the mood. You start running through the forest as Katniss shooting down tracker jacker wasps in what kinda looks like an old Atari game ported over to today's current mobile devices. The controls are pretty simple, tap on one of the wasps to shoot an arrow in their direction, swipe up or down to jump up or down to the top or bottom level of the forest. That's pretty much the entire game. If you want to give it a shot, the game is for iOS devices and since it's essentially a promotion for the movie. The app is free.