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Smash Your Food Featured on the Today Show

April 30, 2012

  • Al Roker says, "Wow!" and "Really cool!" about Smash Your Food - 

Watch him guess how much sugar is in a can of cola:

the next one we're going to talk about a game for kids to help them understand why we're not putting certain things in the cart. really fun ipad app called smash your food. it definitely appeals to the grossout factor that kids love.

>> okay.

>> and basically it's a quiz for the kids, and you get to move up levels based on how accurately they get how much sugar cubes , how many shakes of salt, and how many teaspoons of oil. so why don't we take the quiz. this is set for my son ian who is very active. so for him, per meal his max would be two cubes of sugar, two shakes of salt and three teaspoons of oil. what do you think? do you think that a can of cake would have more than two cubes of sugar?

>> i think yes.

>> what should we say?

>> i say five cubes.

>> let's do five. how about salt?

>> three shakers.

>> and how about oil?

>> no oil.

>> okay. so let's do zero. and -- now we get to smash our food. now watch what happens. this is why kids love this. this, by the way, won the first lady's contest.

>> very cool.

>> for healthy apps for kids.

>> isn't that fun?

>> wow.

>> so as you can through this game the kids are learning what they're actually putting in their bodies.

>> i've seen this done at a frat house .

>> exactly. so it's really fun. and as you move up, there are 40 different kinds of foods that can you smash. and they're just really crazy foods, too, like a stack of jelly doughnuts.