Food! Fun! Learning! Yum! The All-New Smash Your Food:

  • Named a top winner in First Lady Michelle Obama's "Apps For Healthy Kids" contest, targeting childhood obesity; 
  • Is a fun, exciting, educational, mobile game that creates lasting impressions with vivid sound and HD video effects;
  • Challenges families to smash real food like burgers, milkshakes, donuts and entire meals, to learn about nutrition and inspire healthy eating at home and on-the-go;
  • A dynamic new way to teach families about sugar, salt and oil in commonly eaten foods - featuring actual totals;


  • Provides parents with personalized nutrition advice;
  • Designed from Food N' Me's nutrition curriculum, taught to 3,000+ children; 
  • Tested with support of Seattle Children's Hospital and the YMCA ACT! families;
  • Mobilizes families to eat well! Now on the iPad for $2.99 YUM!